Life Updated

During mid day, I walk in a local park in my community taking pictures of animals, insects and nature scenes I find to be interesting at the moment. I particularly like bugs because they have beautiful colors and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some insects are harder to photograph than others. Trying to sneak up to them before they fly, hop or run away can be tricky. Patience and timing are some good tips to use for taking photographs. During the weekend, we headed to Flagler Beach, FL to unwind from the city life and smell the ocean breeze. My dog Jack can been seen in the photograph keeping cool during the day. Our sunset view was great from the dock and the occasional dolphin would swim through followed by a boat or school of fish. There was plenty of activity going on if a person knew what to look for. I watched a deer swim to another island during the sunset hours while sitting at the end of the dock. The water was low enough that the deer felt safe to swim across. Back in Gainesville, we celebrated our friends birthday. I got to see up close, what a classic Rolls Royce would look like and a shiny red Ferrari. It was a great celebration with good food and friends. I hope to have many more adventures to come 🙂

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