Florida Wilderness 5K Trail

Networking within your own community can be very rewarding. Meeting new people and getting to know about what they do in town greatly raises your chances of future relationships. One of those relationships has allowed me to create a 5K wilderness trail at Grow-Hub on the East side of Gainesville, FL. This new opportunity created a way for me to start a monthly hiking event for a few military non profits in town. Taking some time each month, I host a nature hike for those who are interested. We learn about native plants, animals and survival tips along the hikes. At the same time, we create a bond between people that can be expanded each time we connect. Having a sense of purpose with a scoop of motivation, I have created a way for people to come together in my community. Stay positive, stay healthy & stay active!

GROW-HUB LINK: https://www.grow-hub.org/

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