Camping Delivery List

One trip out to the campsite is $50. (50 Miles)

Pick any amount on the list A and it goes under the $50 fee.



6ft Folding Table

4 Person Coleman Tent

2 Sleeping Mats

Machete / Axe

10ft x 10ft Tarp

2 Folding Chairs

5 Gallon Solar Shower

Small Shovel

Fire Grate + Grill Rack

Tiki Torch with Fuel

First Aid Kit


If you do not choose anything on list A and decide to only choose ONE item from list B, the original $50 fee is applied. If you choose more than one item from list B, a $20 fee per item + original $50 fee is applied.($50+$20=$70) If you decide to choose ALL THREE items in list B, the original $50 is applied ($50+$20+$20=$90) If you decide to choose from both list A and B, the original $50 fee is applied + $20 per item in list B. ($50+$20=$70)


$20 Two Fishing Rods + Tackle – A fishing license is required to attempt to take native or nonnative freshwater fish.  (Optional for children under the age of 16 and valid until 17th birthday – a fishing license is not required until age 16)

$20 Two 10ft Sun Dolphin Fishing Kayaks + Paddles

$20 Corda Roy’s Bed (Full Size)