Naps Happen Camping Rules


Naps Happen Camping Rules 

Please call with your reservation dates at least 2 days before you arrive. No check in times, just arrive safely. Please check out at 3pm. The dates will be added to our event calendar when they are confirmed so we can keep track of campers. I hope that you find your camping experience to be extremely relaxing. Contact our office at 757 469 8605 with any questions or concerns. Life gets better when Naps Happen!


No one under 18 years of age may camp unless accompanied by a responsible adult who will remain onsite for the entire reservation. NO FIREARMS ON PROPERTY PLEASE.

Campsite accommodates no more than ten people and must have at least one responsible camper present who is 18 years of age or older.

If you are staying at Naps Happen campground, you must camp only in those places specifically provided or marked. Please keep all belongings and valuables in a secure location when away from the campground. We are not responsible for items lost or stolen from unattended areas. If you see suspicious activity please call us. Please write any descriptive information that would help police identify the suspect(s).

All vehicles, RVs, and trailers must be parked on your campsite or driveway. Driving or parking off road is not permitted.

Quiet hours are between 11:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Please be considerate of others.

  • If you plan to schedule at the LAST MINUTE OR AFTER SUNSET, please allow a 3 hour notice of arrival to allow our staff to assist you.

No Shows

Office staff will hold reserved campsites or until the applicable check-out time, one day after the scheduled arrival date. In the event that campers do not arrive for their reservation and the camper does not call the office directly to cancel, the remainder of the reservation will be canceled as a no-show.

Canceling Reservations

Visitors may cancel campsite reservations by calling the office between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. until the day prior to arrival. Cancellations on the day of arrival must be handled by the office staff. After the day of arrival, visitors calling the office will be directed to make arrangements for arriving late.

Gornto Spring Amenities 

Picnic tables and small playground available next to Gornto spring until sundown.

Public restrooms are available until sundown.

Public boat ramp is available until sundown.

Private spring on property.

The number of camping units per campsite varies and is set locally. No more than 10 tents at a time on the property.

Camping longer than 14 consecutive days is generally not allowed. At Corps of Engineers campsites only, camping at one or more campsites at any one water resource project (lake) for a period longer than 14 days during any 30-consecutive day period is prohibited.


Help prevent pollution by keeping garbage, litter, and foreign substances out of lakes, streams, and other waters.

All garbage and litter must either be deposited in containers provided, or taken with you when you leave.


Obey any restrictions on fires. Fires may be limited or prohibited at certain times.

Within campgrounds and other recreation areas, fires may only be built in fire rings, stoves, grills, or fireplaces provided for that purpose.

Be sure your fire is completely extinguished before leaving. Do not leave your fire unattended. You are responsible for keeping fires under control.

Vehicle Operation

Drivers must obey all traffic signs and operate their vehicles in accordance with posted regulations, and applicable Federal, State and local laws.

Vehicles must be parked in designated areas only.

Use of vehicles within campgrounds and other recreation areas is limited to entering or leaving those areas.

Pets and Animals

Pets must be restrained or on a leash at all times while in developed recreation areas.

Pets (except guide dogs) are not allowed in swimming areas or sanitary facilities.

Saddle or pack animals are only allowed where authorized by posted instructions.


Use of fireworks or other explosives within campgrounds and other recreation areas is prohibited.

Private Property

Preserve and protect your National Forests, National Parks, and Corps of Engineers Lake areas. Leave natural areas the way you find them.

Do not carve, chop, cut and damage any live trees.

Many enjoy the solitude and primitive experience of dispersed camping – camping away from developed campgrounds and other campers. However, no services and little to no facilities are provided. Additional responsibilities and skills may be necessary for a successful trip, and it is your responsibility to know your limits and abilities before you try this experience. Camping rules and regulations apply to make your experience safe and keep settings scenic and unspoiled for your fellow campers. Thank you for your cooperation!


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