Here is a simple design that you can create or teach someone who would like to learn. Bamboo can be found in many places. Locate the best shape and size based on your abilities.

When selecting a potential bamboo fishing pole, there are a few questions you might want to think about.

What is the right durability?

What is the right flexibility?

What is the right length?

What is the right weight?

The good thing about bamboo is you can cut it to any size!

Use a cutting tool that gives you the cleanest cut through the bamboo to avoid splintering. When cutting the handle, make sure to leave a 3″ or 6” section of bamboo below the chosen node on the bamboo. (see picture) This adds strength and prevents splintering. For the top of the pole, leave 6” to 9” of additional bamboo above the chosen node for flexibility and strength. (Stocky handle, flexible top)

Once you have selected the right bamboo, proceed to clean off the extra limbs and debris with clippers or pruning tool. Keep extra pieces for attachments or creative ideas. I also used a Dremel with a grinding attachment to file down the rough areas. Use sand paper or file for any remaining rough areas. Once the pole is smooth, you can begin adding attachments you feel will make your pole specific to your needs and wants. Get creative! See if you can make something from all the leftover pieces.

I used twine to add grip. First, I tied a knot above the bottom node of the handle. (see picture) Then I wrapped it around the bottom of the bamboo, keeping the wraps close and tight as possible until I reached my desired grip length. I tied an additional knot at the top. I made a finger loop with the additional twine for more support.

I glued a piece of the bamboo at the top to act like a stopper so my line does not slip off the end. I cleaned out the inside of the small piece of bamboo to fit snug on the top of the pole. I used E600 glue inside the top piece and let it dry. Over time, the pole will dry out from the lack of water, this will make it light weight and less flexible.

If you would like for our team to create one for a child or for you, please contact Tyler Laborde for details.



Saw for cutting bamboo


Scissors / Pruning Clippers

E600 Craft Glue

File / Sand Paper / Dremel

Bottom of Handle

Top of Handle with Loop

Mid Section of Pole

Underneath Top of Pole

Top of Pole


Affordable & Biodegradable Bamboo Fishing Pole

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